6 Rules Every Creative Writer Should Follow

Creative writing has become one of my favourite hobbies. I love reading fiction and non-fiction books, watching movies, TV shows, plays and listening to music. I also enjoy giving lectures and workshops.

But, being a writer requires discipline and dedication. There’s no room for laziness or procrastination. Writers should strive to get their work done even during those times they don’t want to write anything at all. If you follow these 6 simple rules, you’ll be on track to becoming a great writer.

Rule 1 – Write everyday

Writing is a skill that should be practiced regularly. The only way to improve your skills as a writer is to practice them daily. Even if you don’t feel like writing, just jot down notes from conversations, interviews, etc. This helps you collect ideas for future stories and articles.

When you do start writing, simply let the words flow without any edits until it feels easy to stop. Don’t worry about spelling errors; perfect grammar will come with time. Just focus on creating compelling sentences and paragraphs.

Rule 2 – Read books

Reading is very important in improving reading comprehension and enhancing vocabulary. Reading fiction and non-fiction gives me a deeper understanding of different topics. When I stumble upon an interesting book page by page, I know how literature works and how a story flows.

Rule 3 – Practice speaking out loud

Speaking out loud is easier than writing because it doesn’t require so many commas, periods, brackets, etc. But, there’s still a lot you need to remember before starting to speak. It takes months to fully master speaking because there are too many sounds, accents, expressions and gestures.

Rule 4 – Listen to good music

Music has always helped me relax whenever I had deadlines or stress from school work. Listening to my favorite song makes me feel calm and focused. You never really know when inspiration will strike you! During those moments that you find yourself stuck on what to write next, turn on some tunes and keep going.

Rule 5 – Watch movies and TV shows

Watching movies is one of my favorite ways to relax. Watching TV shows can be even more relaxing and helpful during stressful times at home. The problem is that watching TV/movies can lead to watching too much television which may cause less productive time when actually studying.

Rule 6 – Read comic books

Read comics with different characters. If you’re tired of reading superheroes’ stories, try reading graphic novels. These are similar to comic books except unlike manga (a Japanese comic book style), graphic novels can encompass both fiction and nonfiction subjects. Graphic novels often include detailed illustrations making them perfect for studying.


A truly iconic writer the power to influence so many things, from online casino en ligne game themes, to television show themes, and even movie plots. While most writers cannot become famous overnight, it does take hard work, dedication, and patience to become the best writer possible. So remember: Be patient, give up the distractions and have fun while striving towards greatness.

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