How to Find New Ideas for your Creative Writing

Can you write without inspiration? If not, how does one go about finding ideas?

The greatest struggle of writers today is finding fresh and original ideas. Whether you are interested in fiction or non-fiction writing, ideas are always a challenge. How do you come up with good ideas?

Finding new ideas is very challenging. This is because the mind has a selective memory, and the brain filters out information from our senses, visit Casino en ligne. Instead of focusing on external stimuli, you might want to try thinking about things internally. Here are some ways to get started.

1. Observe things around you

Take time every day to watch people interact with each other. Look into their eyes and see what they don’t say. Listen to their body language and observe facial expressions. When watching television, notice if there is a person that stands out among others as different, more enthusiastic or confident than the rest. What can you learn from these people?

2. Notice details

When reading books and magazines, look for interesting words, images, metaphors and similes and note them down. You may find an idea by noticing a pattern in those elements.

3. Make a list

List the main topics you have covered so far, then group the lists based on similarities. For example, if you wrote a story about being homeless, make another list which includes the topic of sleeping rough. Then group both lists together.

4. Get inspired by nature

Go outdoors and spend time observing plants, animals, birds, insects and water. Note down observations that inspire you.

5. Write down ideas based on life

People often find new ideas while reflecting on incidents that happened during the day or when looking back at childhood memories.

6. Ask yourself questions

Sometimes people will have great ideas while sitting behind the computer, playing games or surfing the internet. Your imagination is much better than anything presented to it, especially when you are bored.

7. Create fictional characters

Invent imaginary stories. The characters who feature in these stories might be real, but they also could be completely made up. It doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female; they could be old or young. They could even be part of history!

8. Play music

Music inspires many types of creative artists from musicians to painters and writers. Some songs contain themes or concepts that you can use within your own work.

9. Keep a journal

One way to keep track of your thoughts is through a diary. Every so often, jot down random notes, ideas and ruminations.

10. Explore dreams

Dreams are symbols of future events. By analyzing dreams you are able to predict the future. Do this carefully though, or else you may misinterpret the messages.

11. Brainstorm

As you read, think about how the writer connects their experiences to their ideas. Try to identify patterns that occur throughout all literary works.


It’s no secret that every writer wants to get that real money, just as much as the fame – we all dream of it, right? Well, in reality, to achieve success means following a set path and sticking to it. So take a closer look at the most important steps of achieving success in creative writing. I’m sure there are thousands of tips that could help us become successful ones. 

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