The Best Creative Writing Websites

What are some good websites for writing fiction or poetry? I’m looking for something simple.

Writing is an art – and it requires time and effort. The best way to become better at it is to practice and see where you stand. If you want to hone your craft, take advantage of these top writing sites.

Here’s a list of the top writing websites for fiction and nonfiction writers alike. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, feedback, or just a place to share your writing, these resources will help you get started.

What Kind of Writer are You?

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you prefer action-packed stories or quiet tales? Knowing how to write each kind of story will make you more successful as a writer.

Plot Outlines Help to Plan Stories

If you have trouble getting ideas flowing from your mind to paper, plot outlines might be what you need. Plotting out your story before writing helps you organize your thoughts and plan ahead. You can also do it when you’ve already written a draft, so you don’t lose track of what happens in your story. Most people who use them find that they improve their writing dramatically within weeks. It’s like having a roadmap to guide you through the maze of your own story! There are many different kinds of plot outlines, including: free ones online

10 Top Sites For Writers — Free Articles, Guides And Tips

Many writers start off as journalists. They research topics and interview experts for their newspaper or blog. But if you want to try your hand at fiction instead, there are plenty of great sources for material. Here are ten sites for finding fictional content:


A community of over 50 million users. Share photos, play games, watch videos, and much, much more. Here, writers can submit original stories and photo albums. You won’t regret signing up.


Many members of this site post fan fiction, which is short stories based on characters created by someone else.


Over half a billion words of fiction uploaded here every week. This site is particularly good for young adult fiction.


Creative professionals publish ebooks of various lengths, ranging from picture books to full-length novels.

5. The Literature Network 

One of the Internet’s oldest resources for reading, reviewing, and recommending literature.

6. Wattpad

Readers share stories, then vote on whether they liked it or not, helping readers decide whether an author should continue to write.


An excellent resource for creating blogs or websites containing text-rich content. If you don’t have time to create something completely original, take a look here first. You may simply choose one of the thousands of themes available, then add your own unique content using widgets (shortcode inserts).


Another social networking tool where writers meet other writers and discuss issues.


Like WordPress, but aimed at shorter writings check casino en ligne.


Learn how to cook, paint, draw, decorate, dance, speak another language, grow vegetables, make music, knit, sew, crochet…and just about anything else you can think of.


With real money to be made in publishing, some people work for years without ever breaking even, while others become millionaires overnight with little investment. No matter which way you go, the key thing is to develop the right skill set to succeed—and to get started today! As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t see results in the next few months. Good luck!

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